about studio cherry, llc

glass has always dazzled us.

all of us. 


Handmade molten glasswork art by Studio Cherry LLC, artist Charity Hagen

from the first ancient human-fabricated, molten baubles of 3100 BC Egypt...


...through the invention of the breath-blowing of small vessels in 1 AD Babylon...


 ...through glass' 1000 AD exquisite domination of Venice and Murano...


...and through our industrial revolution of the 1800s, that glass helped spur in education, medicine, research and science...


 ...right to the very sheets, powder and frit i fire in my kilns today...

 ...glass mesmerizes us with it's visual and sensory and makes itself useful in equal abundance.

welcome to studio cherry llc, located in the PNW, USA! inspired by all things art, life/death, glass, norske, cherry, 80's...! 




I am Charity H., a multi-media artist working in glass with a university fine arts/studio-based education from Boston, MA, Boise, ID and Everett, WA.


glass cast its spell on me as a teenager when i was first introduced to a bead kiln in college at the SMFA/Tuft's University, Boston, MA and my interest then morphed into a bit of glassblowing later at BSU and Ming Studios, Boise, ID and The Schack Art Center in Everett, WA...and has now landed firmly back at kiln-forging my glasswork. i employ many techniques and am always learning!

the cool surface and deep colors lend themselves to create my soothing sensory objects as well as jewelry, vessels, dishware and display pieces.
i have always found artistic inspiration in the family dynamic, good or bad. 
i work through my artist mother's hands, gone at 19 and my paternal grandmother who delighted in making stuffed toys and driftwood pieces for everyone. 
i am influenced by my position as woman, my Norske ancestry, pop culture, 80's culture, my anxiety and coping mechs, Carravagio, Warhol, Kahlo, Kruger, Vermeer, Parrish, Chihuly...so many artists.
i continue to explore the creative power of pain, anger, fear and grief with thoughtfulness, humor, and an abundance of color and light.
thanks for looking. hands in the air! enjoy the ride.